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Kimberly and Kyle - Wedding 2010

How We Met

This is the story of how Kimberly and Kyle met, as told by and remembered by The Bride. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! For more of Kimberly and Kyle's stories check out their wedding blog, Gator Bride.

Yearbook photos of Kim and Kyle in 3rd GradeThe first time that Kyle and I met was 15 years ago. We were 8 years old and in the same 3rd grade class. It wasn't love at first sight, as at that age we were more concerned with what was being served for lunch then loving anyone (besides our families). But, still, we were friends.

Love first struck when we were in middle school band class together. We were 11 years-old and shared a music stand. Kyle was in the 1st oboe seat (given to the best oboe player) and he was the only oboe player (hey, it was a hard instrument to play, and he played it well!), while I was 1st flute, and sat right next to him throughout the 2 years we were in middle school band. I can still remember his 'bowl' haircut, his Nike watch he would always wear, and his K Swiss sneakers. I remember wearing my Mom's K Swiss sneakers to school (we wore the same size) and begging for a Nike watch so I could be like Kyle (yes, I was certainly smitten).Kim and Kyle in Middle School Band Whenever we think back to those days, Kyle always tells me how he slipped a note into my music folder that said "Will you go out with me?" (the question all middle school gals want to hear/read from their crushes), but I never got it, and he never said anything. Not that it would have mattered anyways, Kyle never signed his name (as his family and I know, this is typical Kyle behavior).

Years past, and we remained good friends. Occasionally, I would get a phone call from him over summer break. We would chat for several hours, and that would be it. You would think with all the sparks between us, and good vibes, we would catch on and someone would speak up and say something, but neither of us ever did!

Our freshman year of high school, we joined the marching band. Kyle played percussion and I stuck with my trusty flute. Our sophomore year, Kyle joined the football team and I joined the dance team. I remember watching him kick the ball around during games while I would practice my dance routine on the side lines. That year, we also had Spanish class together. Kyle would always sit right next to me, would hold my hand during the in-class movies, and write me sweet little notes. At the end of the year, Spanish class was over and we both still hadn't gotten the nerve to ask each other out. I always say, we were waiting for the 'right' time.

Kim and Kyle in High School BandFinally, the 'right' time came: our Junior year. We were both attending "The Secret Garden" play at our high school auditorium. Kyle was attending for extra credit for English II Honors (that he was taking for the 2nd time... that's a whole other story), and I was attending to see a friend perform in the play. I was supposed to meet a group of friends at the play and I remember walking up to the theater to wait outside because my friends were running late. I was eating an M&M McFlurry and started chatting with Kyle outside (he ended up finishing my M&M McFlurry). When the time came for the play to start, my friends hadn't arrived, so Kyle and I went in and sat together. To this day, I'm incredibly thankful my friends weren't on time. I always say that it was meant to be.

Kim and Kyle football and dance pictures.After the play, Kyle gave me a piggy-back ride back to my car. I remember being over-the-top excited that I was getting a piggy-back ride from him. We exchanged numbers and headed our separate ways. I told my Mom that night all that had happened. She knew that I had liked Kyle for many years--he was always the one guy in my life that I would drop anything I was doing for. I'm sure my maid of honor, Amber, was sick of hearing about Kyle sophomore year. I think just about everyone knew that I liked him and he liked me, except for us!

The very next day of school (it was a Friday), Kyle met me after lunch and asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie (which was the 2nd Harry Potter movie). I was immediately surprised. Even though we had exchanged numbers the night before, I never expected for him to act so quickly to take me out. Our very first date we ate Steak n' Shake and watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

And here we are, 7 1/2 years later, 2 degrees, 2 dorm rooms, 3 apartments, 1 condo, 7 cars (wow... that is embarrassing to say), 1 kitty, 2 years engaged, and still madly in love with no end in sight.

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